Dec 01

Welcome to New Pompeii

From Aubrey: The New Pompeii series is part sci-fi erotica and part time travel romance. The stories are unique, to say the least, but if you allow yourself to suspend disbelief these characters are a lot of fun and their adventures are sure to steam up the autumn nights. So kick off your shoes and forget about reality for a while. After long days of work and/or fighting holiday crowds, you deserve it! Enjoy.

Book One

Felicia, high priestess of Venus, awakens on a “skyship” terrified and disorientated. Her prophetic dreams foretold Pompeii’s destruction, but no one would listen to her warnings. A handsome young man appears at her side, insisting he’s an agent of Venus. She’s intrigued by his touch and soothed by his charm, but she knows his story is false. If Venus had chosen another to empower, Felicia would have sensed it.

Doctor Aiden Thrax is part of the rescue party transporting the people of Pompeii to their new home on the planet of Fedoros. He’s thrilled that so many lives have been saved, but he’s suspicious of his employer’s motivation. And his concerns are intensified by his attraction to Felicia. Each kiss, each heated embrace makes him more determined to expose the greed and corruption behind the evacuation.


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The adventure continues in Passions of New Pompeii and Secrets of New Pompeii. Each just $2.99!