Feb 21

Soul Seer early release

The events in Toymaker and Soul Seer are closely related, so I decided not to make you wait until next week for Book Three. Enjoy!

Book Three–Available Now!

Determined to move beyond his decadent past, Matt, the infamous Toymaker, embarks on a journey of self-discovery. He once created pleasure aids and sexual companions, but a debilitating disease has forced him into a biomechanical body. Though primitive and superstitious, the Perrlain Tribe holds the secret to his survival, or at least his sanity.

After Serena’s highly erotic ascension to spiritual healer status, she grows uncomfortable surrendering herself to sexual release. The tribe’s high priestess sees an opportunity for Matt and Serena to help each other. Matt will reintroduce Serena to carnal pleasure and she will balance his soul stream.

Matt and Serena’s attraction soon transcends physical pleasure, but mutual enemies reveal that Matt is a “soulless machine”. Serena has been taught that technology is evil, but her heart refuses to believe. Now she’s faced with an impossible choice, honor the sacred teachings or betray her tribe so she can be with the man she loves.



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