Apr 15

Ontariese “Reboot” Begins!

I’ve been revamping the last three books of Beyond Ontariese and I’m thrilled to announce that the rework is just abut finished. Yay! Dro Tar and Evan’s book, MYSTIC FLAME, will release on April 25th and Drakkin and Aria’s story, FIRE PEARL will follow on May 2nd. The waiting is just about over!

Mystic Flame – Coming next Thursday!

Determined to recover a priceless journal, Dro Tar pursues Evan to Las Vegas. Evan insists he took the journal to protect it from the real thieves. Dro Tar isn’t sure what to believe. Her heart has yet to recover from the last time she tangled with the enigmatic Mystic. She wanted him then and she wants him now, but what’s his true motivation?

Evan has never stopped loving Dro Tar, but her willingness to believe he’s a coward cut him deeply. Now fate has brought them back together and he intends to take full advantage of the opportunity. He’ll seduce her slowly, rediscover every inch of her supple body as he reminds her why they originally fell in love. Only by resolving their past can they vanquish their enemies and secure a future together.