Mar 09

Crossfire is Closed for Construction

The last two books in the Beyond Ontariese series are temporarily unavailable. However, the reason for their absence is exciting. After numerous emails from readers asking why I “cheated” Dro Tar and Drakkin out of their own books, I decided to rectify the situation. I’m splitting up the two novellas in Crossfire and expanding each into a full length novel. Dro Tar and Evan’s book will now be called MYSTIC FLAME and Drakkin and Aria’s story will be told in FIRE PEARL. Details to follow.

New Book – Coming Soon!

Lord Drakkin promises his dying friend that he will protect and train Aria. He will unleash her latent abilities and help her reach her Mystic potential. But first he must find her.

Drakkin tracks her to Earth, but quickly realizes it’s too dangerous to leave her there. He is shocked by her resistance and the passion she ignites in him. He is honor bound to keep his vow, with or without her cooperation.

After years of abuse and isolation, Aria has found a life of her own. Then Drakkin sweeps in and kidnaps her, claiming his bizarre behavior is for her own good. Despite the attraction smoldering between them, she wants nothing to do with the arrogant Bilarrian. No one will ever control her again, not even the charismatic stranger who sends her senses reeling every time they touch.