Apr 24

Crimson Pleasures Coming May 1st

Book One – An Amazon Exclusive (Pre-order now for the May 1st release)

It starts with a bone-melting kiss. Grief and loneliness drive Eden into the arms of Chad Demarko, a rich and powerful family friend. The passionate exchange leaves her aching from more, but Eden is the first to admit Chad is out of her league. Two years later, Chad strolls into her dance studio leaving Eden confused and more than a little intrigued. He casually asks her to help prepare his sister for a formal gala, but his eyes promise carnal abandon and unimagined pleasure.

Chad’s interest in Eden is anything but casual. Not only is he a skilled Dom, he’s a vampire. The timing wasn’t right when they met before, but no force on earth, alive or undead, will keep him from claiming her now.