Feb 11

Comet Coalition is almost here!

Book One–Coming February 14th!

Rebel leader Corry Reah has a problem. His name is Ashton VinDerley. Though they are sworn enemies, she can’t make herself hate him. Compelling and powerful, he fascinates and seduces her, making her long for pleasures she has never known before. He teases and tempts, caresses and challenges until she forgets who is captive and who captor.

Korbin is having no better luck than his sister Corry. He has promised to keep his hands off stunningly beautiful Danette, but she haunts his dreams, summoning a dark, primitive part of his nature that he hasn’t indulged in years. How can he resist a captive who wants nothing more than to submit? She offers her body without reservation and he is powerless to resist. She is crucial to the upcoming negotiations, but Korbin is no longer sure he can set her free.

EXCERPT Coming Soon

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